A Comparison Between the OnePlus 9R and iPhone 12


The new version of the Oxygen Plus is already out in the market and people eagerly wait for this device as the Oxygen Plus 2 has failed in its mission of changing the mobile phone industry. So, why do they still have high demand for this device? It is because of the reasons mentioned in this article. Read on to know what these reasons are and if you want to buy OnePlus 9R now, make sure you have understood it all.

One reason that people buy Oxygen Plus phones is because of the Oxygen feature. Oxygen OS was developed by Google as a part of their project for the Android ecosystem. This OS has some exciting features like Material Design, Smart navigation and many more that are truly unique. This Oxygen OS has been a great success so far and it is expected that the next Oxygen 9R review will show another great achievement of Oxygen Plus.

Another reason why people buy Onephones is because it has got many features and capabilities that are really impressive. For example, one of the most impressive features of this phone is that it supports Secure Digital cards, which are the cards used in India. You can use this card in many ATMs of India as well as at home. To top it all, the phone also supports Indian SIM cards like the Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. So, this makes it all the more attractive for the customers in India. OnePlus 9R

Moreover, the Oneplus 9R comes with a complete Indian version of OxygenOS. This means, users in India can use this operating system in order to get connected to the global network as well as the local network. In this way, it allows them to enjoy a fully functional connection to the internet. Apart from that, users can also enjoy a number of enhanced features through this OxygenOS.

In terms of camera, the Oneplus 9R comes with two cameras namely, the front facing camera and the back facing camera. The front facing camera is of the good quality, while the rear facing one is average. The color accuracy of this unit is quite good, which is good especially for the people who want to use the device in different environment. The user interface of this unit is very simple and easy to understand. The OxygenOS also allows the users to manage contacts in the phone very easily.

However, the OxygenOS does not support high resolution mode, which means, the images shot in low resolution will look grainy and less vibrant. In this respect, the Sony Imx585 camera setup comes as the winner. On the other hand, the camera setup of this device is quite similar to the iPhone’s camera set up in many ways. In fact, it has been observed that the iPhone and the Sony IMX cube camera setup can be easily used as a point-and-shoot alternative.

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