Electronic Weighing Systems

Electronic weighing systems are used to measure the weight check weigher machine   or mass of an object. There are different types of scales, however; the simplest scale makes use of a beam and a pivot to balance the weight of two objects. Modern weighing systems use digital calibration which is known for its accuracy, precision and quicker reading.

An accurate weighing scale is vital for food industries that sell food products such as meat, fruits and vegetables. A weighing scale is an integral component for properly maintaining the health of your body and to accurately measure the progress of a growing child. Undoubtedly, weighing scales play a significant part in the medical, commercial and scientific field. There are different types of scales such as Balance scales, spring scales and Strain Gauge Scales.

· Balance Scales

The balance scale was the first weighing system invented for measuring the weight of an object. It comprises a beam and two scales suspended from both ends. The beam is positioned on a point in such a manner that both arms are equal in length. A certain object of unknown weight is placed in one scale, and weights of known size are placed in the other scale until a balance is acquired.

· Spring Scales

The spring scale apparatus refers to a spring positioned at one end with a hook to attach an object at the other. The spring scale operates by Hooke’s Law, according to which the force required to stretch a spring is directly proportional to the distance the spring is extended from its position of rest. As a result, the scale markings on the apparatus are equally spaced. Spring scales are commonly found in supermarkets. Suspending a spring of standard size and strength from the ceiling, and a pan from the spring enables you to measure the weight of objects set in the pan.

· Strain Gauge Scale

A strain gauge scale measures the strain placed on an object, at times a spring, or a conductive foil. The deformation modifies the electrical resistance of the object. The object can then be electronically measured.


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