What Is The Best Machine For PMU Procedures?

What Is The Best Machine For PMU Procedures?

PMU (pulsed metal underglaze) is a popular technique in contemporary art, and the choice of a suitable machine is essential to the success of your artwork. Before purchasing, you should do your homework, read reviews, and even try cheaper PMU machine models to find out which works best for you.

Xion S:

The Xion S has a variable stroke that works well for facial work and medical pigmentation. It is a 6-watt motor, and you can control the stroke strength with the Darklab app. It is touchless, making it easy to clean and maintain. It also features Bluetooth connectivity and voice control. It has firmware updates, which are helpful for businesses.

The Xion S is a highly powerful, maintenance-free, permanent makeup machine with a sleek design. Available in two colors, the Xion S is extremely versatile and a good choice for experienced permanent makeup artists. It has an adjustable stroke length of 1.8 to 2.5 mm, allowing you to customize the depth of your strokes. Its weight is light, making it comfortable to use for long sessions.

Bishop SMP pen:

The Bishop SMP pen machine is a high-quality scalp micro-pigmentation machine with a small, pen-style design. It features a Namiki motor with custom winding specially designed to work with softer skin. Its fixed 3.5-mm stroke and recommended working voltage of six to seven volts make it ideal for most scalp micro-pigmentation procedures. It is also incredibly comfortable to use, making it an excellent choice for long treatment sessions.

Xion Mini:

The Xion Mini is a compact machine with the same ergonomic design as the Xion S but is smaller. This helps reduce hand fatigue. It comes in two colors, gunmetal and bubblegum, and is available for a reasonable price.

It can be powered via RCA connectivity but is also compatible with the Airbolt Mini wireless power supply. It is a versatile machine suitable for new and experienced permanent makeup artists. It also has an adjustable stroke length for versatility in different styles.

INTELLI Digital:

Intelli Digital PMU machine is one of the best options for professionals. It has an LCD touchscreen and 15-speed adjustable blades. It’s a great option for both pros and beginners. It’s also good for microblading and shading. You can choose between nano strokes and microblading modes, which allows you to choose the exact speed that suits your needs.