How to Choose the Proper Makeup Brushes

Many makeup compacts will typically include several small brushes for applying the makeup, but owning a quality set of personal makeup brushes can be very useful. You will often find that the tiny brushes included with your eye shadow or blush compact, are not made for long term use, and do not do a good job of applying the makeup. You should be able to purchase a set of makeup brushes for a reasonable price, and this will prove to be a valuable investment over time. makeup brush kit

You will have a variety of kinds of brushes to select from when shopping for brushes. A large powder brush should be your first priority. For even application of powder, you will use this thick, soft bristle brush, with a large, rounded top.

The most common use for makeup brushes is for applying makeup to the eyes. When applying shadow on the entire lid and the surrounding area, the typical eye-shadow brush is the best tool, as it is a small square brush made of bristles.

An angle brush is useful for creating numerous makeup effects, and will be quite effective for precise application in the creases of the eyes, along with the outer corner. When you are working on the lash line, either applying a line of dark shadow, or eye liner, a fine-tip brush will give you an amazing look.

It’s also important to note that natural fiber brushes will hold up well, and will not cause any skin irritation. Dead skin cells and makeup residue should be removed from your brushes every few weeks by cleaning your makeup brushes in warm, sudsy water.

A clean, dry container or bag is the best way to store your makeup brushes, and you should ensure that your brushes are not stored underneath other items that will cause the brushes to become squashed. Monitor the wear of your makeup brushes, and make the small investment to replace them when needed. You will notice a difference in the way your makeup is applied, by simply spending the small amount necessary to purchase makeup brushes.


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