How to Find a Good Dog Breeder

Finding a dog breeder doesn’t have to be difficult. There are hundreds of trained professionals who breed dogs full-time, or devote a lot of time to the process in their spare time. Before looking for a dog breeder, you need to be absolutely certain that a purebred puppy is something that you, and your family want, and will be a good fit with your lifestyle.

Good dog breeders do not sell mixed breed puppies, also known as mutts. Purebred dogs are meant to be treated in the lap of luxury, and treated like the expensive dogs they are. Once you decide that a purebred puppy is good fit for you, you can start looking for breeders in your area. Search in your local classified ads and online directories. There are websites that include good information for dog breeders that raise and sell puppies. Once you have list of names, it’s time to do further research. poodle puppy breeders calhan colorado

Insist on Seeing the Puppies in Their Environment

You may buy a bottle of water without seeing the factory, but you shouldn’t buy a puppy without first seeing where it came from. This means that you should visit the home of the dog breeder, and see exactly what conditions your future puppy was raised in.

A reputable dog breeder will allow you access to their home, tell you about the puppy’s mother or father, and show you around the habitat. A dog breeder who is evasive, and offers to meet you somewhere to exchange money for the puppy, should be avoided at all costs. Dog breeders who act like this, are often running a puppy mill, and care more about earning as much money as possible, rather than the actual dog.

Ask Questions About the Breed

The best dog breeders are the ones who care about their dog and her puppies, and treat their customers with respect. You are a customer, and entitled to both respect and good customer service. If you have any questions, the breeder should answer your questions quickly, and without being rude or hostile. A good dog breeder will even bring up answers to questions you haven’t thought of, or asked.

A good dog breeder will also offer more information on that particular breed. If they are new to the world of breeding, this might be a new process for them, so be patient. Breeders with a long history of breeding can offer more support, help, and even education. This is the time to ask all those little questions in the back of your mind, no matter how simple they might seem.


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