Ring In The New Year

The New Year is almost here and most of us are thinking about how we might be healthier, happier, wealthier and more productive. Here are my suggested resolutions to help you accomplish these goals.

For Bookkeepers: happy new year in spanish 2022

Re-educate yourself – there is always something new to learn. See if your company offers education reimbursements and apply for them. You might want to consider non-bookkeeping type classes as well, such as classes in communications, organization, managerial skills and computer training.

Organize yourself- the best way to be more productive. Start with your workspace and then move on to your work day. Ask your boss to fund the purchase of a Day-Timer or other similar organization tool and use it every day.

Get Certified – a sure career booster. By earning a certified bookkeeper designation you will bring added value to your resume.

Think about specialization – as in most professions, specializing in one or two industries will increase your value in the workplace as you will be familiar with the specific requirements for that industry.

These recommendations not only work for bookkeepers but for all dedicated employees of any type.

For Business Owners:

Learn to read and understand your financial statements and take a hands on approach in how your business is spending its money – understanding your financial picture will help you make your business successful.

Communicate with your employees – communication goes two ways, learn to listen. I would say that the most common complaints employees have is the small amount of time supervisors spend listening to their suggestions and concerns and the lack of feedback they receive about their job performance. Don’t wait until the yearly review, make and keep regular meetings all through the year.

Be more organized – by setting an example of organization in your work day and office space you will encourage your employees to do the same. Purchase a Day-Timer for everyone in the office. It will pay off big time.

Determine to be the best at what you do, keep all your promises to your customers, employees and vendors, always apologize for errors made (we all make them after all). Again set the example for your employees and be known for being the best in your industry.

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